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Sell With Us

Selling with Ginger Pickle...

Ginger Pickle is always seeking talented UK designers to sell with us. If you are a designer of jewellery, accessories, prints or cards and are interested in selling your work on Ginger Pickle then please follow these simple steps!

Simply send Jade an email at enquiries@gingerpickle.co.uk along with this information:

  •  A bit about yourself and your work (include your location)
  •  Your website address (if you have one)
  •  A selection of high quality photographs that best represent your work.
  •  A description of how you make each piece (how you’ve made it, materials used and whether they come in different sizes/colours etc)
  • The retail price of each piece in £/GBP
  • Your wholesale catalogue

Please note that due to the high number of submissions onlu successfull applicants will get a follow up email.


Do you stock work on a wholesale or sale or return basis?

We stock work on both these terms. 

So you have said ‘Yes’ to selling my work, what happens next?

Lets get the ball rolling! We will send you out the contract for you to have a good read over, once you have given the thumbs up to all of Ginger Pickle’s Terms & Conditions then all you have to do is sign it and send it back to us with your stock. Ginger Pickle works with the designer to choose which items to stock and what quantities.

Do I send you the stock or do I ‘drop ship’?

Ginger Pickle does not work on a ‘drop ship’ basis (where the designer ships the items to the customers as they are sold). We hold all of the stock, and deal with all orders and shipping. Ginger Pickle attends lots of fairs and stalls, so holding the stock means that we can do just that. Ginger Pickle assumes all responsibility for stock in it’s custody unless is faulty or damaged upon arrival.

What kind of stuff do you sell?

As long as your work fits in these categories then Ginger Pickle can sell your work: Jewellery, Accessories, Prints and Stationery. And of course, it MUST be handmade or designed by you! Ginger Pickle prefers to stock items which are lightweight and easy to ship, therefore we do not stock large, heavy or fragile items that could get damaged in the post.

Tell me about Payment?

Payments are made on the first Monday of every month via Bank Transfer or Paypal. If it is a public/bank holiday then payment will be made the following Monday.

What can I expect when I sell with you?

Ginger Pickle deals with all shipping, packaging, orders, product photography (unless your photographs are already amazing) and refunds. All of your items are lovingly stored in my stock room and handled with care. We constantly promote our designers via social media platforms and our blog, take a peek here.

Hopefully we have answered many of your questions, but if not then drop Jade an email at enquiries@gingerpickle.co.uk